It is normal to crave a small snack throughout the day, but sometimes we don’t make the smartest decisions when it comes to what we eat as a snack. Here are five healthy and yummy foods you can munch on:


Granola is a healthy snack that goes along with many different foods, such as with milk or in yogurt or a smoothie to replicate the trending “açaí bowls.” Granola bars are also tasty and are easy to carry around when you’re in a hurry.

Chips and Guac

Avocados have many benefits, such as vitamin C, E and K, potassium and healthy fats that are known to help skin health. Choose multigrain, oven-baked or baked tortilla chips. Bonus points if you make your own guacamole!

Veggies with Hummus

Although snack vegetables, such as carrots, celery and cucumbers, are best for your body when eaten without any type of sauce, hummus is a good alternative if you can’t eat your veggies without dip. Hummus can help improve blood sugar control and digestive health, lower the risk of heart disease and help with weight loss.

Caprese Salad

Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are a tasty combination when you’re craving something savory. You can also eat it on a stick to make it easy to pop in your mouth. If you want an extra kick in the taste, drizzle some balsamic sauce over the top.

Fruit or Veggie Chips

Instead of potato chips, eat fruit or vegetable chips that don’t contain a lot of sugar. Dried fruit chips will satisfy your sweet tooth, and veggie chips are the perfect snack if you’re craving something savory. Try kale chips — they’ve been trending lately.

Happy snacking!

Author: Julie Kang

Photo courtesy of Alexander Mils (Pexels)