Between the 24 and 31 December, most gatherings revolve around food and drinks, for people with diabetes, this can mean a load of extra planning, because even though It’s a festive period that we should take advantage of, someone with diabetes should be able to get through it without wreaking havoc on his diabetes management.

Luckily many of the foods, drinks and dishes consumed during the holidays are low in carbohydrates and have recognized taste and nutritional qualities. We present to you some great classics.

1. Turkey, capon, poultry


Although there are differences, for example, between turkey (leaner) and capon (fatter), poultry is a safe bet for a light and festive main dish.
Rich in protein and low in fat (when compared to pork or some red meat), it is easy to cook.
If your poultry is stuffed, choose a lean vegetable stuffing and replace the cooking juices with an emulsion or lighter sauce.

2. Salmon


Easy to prepare and relatively affordable in terms of price, salmon (whether cold in steaks, smoked, baked, foil or steamed) is an excellent choice. Rich in vitamins E, A and polyunsaturated fatty acids (the famous omega-3), it is a valuable ally of the cardiovascular system.

3. Chocolate 


A true star of the holiday season, chocolate, especially if it is black and with a high percentage of cocoa (more fiber and less carbohydrates), contains nutritional qualities: vitamins B, E, iron, fluorine, copper magnesium.

You can eat some squares occasionally (1 square of tablet = 5 g, a small bite or individual chocolate box = 10 g).

4. Raspberry thumbprint cookies


Raspberry thumbprint cookies are easy gluten free and low carb cookies with a fruity raspberry jam filling. They are perfect for low carb, and sugar free diets.

You are now reassured and guilt free. But to fully enjoy the holidays, nothing is better than a varied and balanced menu. It’s the strategy of smart pleasure!