Does diabetes define who you are? 

“Diabetes is one aspect of who I am, but it is not the totality of who I am as a human being, friend, sister, coworker, grad student, coffee enthusiast, and more.  Has advocating for diabetes grown into a passion of mine which makes me a better person?  Absolutely.  I have learned through the example of strength that so many advocates and healthcare professionals provide.

My life is not all about diabetes, but diabetes affects decisions that many people on the outside probably would not guess that it does.  For example, I do not get on the elevator at work without my purse, just in case the elevator becomes stuck and I need insulin or juice while waiting to get out.  Little things like that shape you as a human being and teach mental fortitude.  They become a part of subconscious understanding with yourself: This is the hand I was dealt, and this is how I am going to handle it so that I can live my life fully.

No matter how difficult the day may be, I have never extinguished the hope in my heart (and in my pancreas) that there will one day be a cure for diabetes.  Until that day, my role is to continue the conversation about diabetes- to make sure that others understand how strong our community is in the face of a disease that is so often misunderstood in society and in the media.  We are human beings first and foremost, and numerous things make us who we are.  Advocacy is just one of them, but it is an important aspect of finding your purpose in the world.”

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