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What is your biggest daily struggle?

“My biggest daily struggle is that as well as insulin for my diabetes I take varying doses of steroids and other meds to treat Addison’s Disease and other chronic autoimmune illnesses. These medications play havoc with my blood sugars and I have to factor them in to my day as if they were carbs or exercise. It’s a bit of a headache.”

If you didn’t have to inject or pump daily, how would life be different?

“I think my life would be hugely different if I did not have to pump, something I used to take for granted before becoming diabetic in 1997 at the age of 17 is spontaneity. I miss not being able to just do something totally of the cuff such as going out with a friend without having to plan and think about what it need to take with me. I always have my pump on but I also have to carry injections in case the pump breaks and a BG meter and snacks… bag is always full of snacks. Sometimes I’d just love to walk out the door without carrying those things. But on the plus side,  I always have snacks 🙂 “

Learn more about Tracy’s battle with dieabetes at

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